Belize Real Estate – A Few Things to Consider

You have seen the pictures and read the promo info on Belize and now you may have a few questions that would like answered. Is it that easy? What about the logistical issues regarding moving all of your furniture and belongings? What about real estate laws in a foreign country like Belize? Do they have escrow searches like they do in the U.S.? Is there anything that can go wrong?

Great Deals to Be Had

Buying real estate in any Latin American Country, such as Belize is much different from buying in the U.S. and you should be aware of the up front. To begin with, Americans are considered to be prime targets for everything from over inflated pricing, to out and out swindles. However; if you are willing to move strategically there are fantastic deals on homes and properties in prime locations to be had.

Check Your Local Real Estate Company

Begin by finding out if any of your local real estate outfits are involved in the country. You may be surprised to learn that companies like Century 21 have been in Latin American countries for some time now and you can probably head right down to their local office and have many of your questions answer on the spot. Also, never ever deal with a real estate company in any Latin American country without the assistance of a well recommended local bilingual attorney.

Consider Renting

Consider renting when you first relocate to a country like Belize. Rents on nice homes are very affordable and it will allow you time and elbow room to shop around at a much more leisurely pace. Fully furnished homes and apartments are easily available, but even so you are going to be spending most of your time exploring and eating out, so you will be surprised at how little furniture you actually need for the first year or so.

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